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Translation certified by Public Notary

We provide translation of documents certified by Certified Translator or by Notary Public. Such documents may include, for example, a driving license, passport, Certificate of Marriage or Birth, Diploma, Agreement, etc.

A translation certified by Notary Public is sewed (stringed) together with the original document or a copy certified by Notary Public, as appropriate.

You can e-mail a copy of document for translation to facilitate the process, so that we can proceed promptly with translation; provided however that the original document is delivered to our office if you need to have the translation certified by Notary Public.

A Notary Public only certifies properly executed and valid documents.

A document has to contain the following information:
  • Title;
  • Issuing authority;
  • Date of issuing;
  • Title of the place where the document has been executed, issued and signed;
  • Signature(s).

Further information regarding the executing of documents is available from the Cabinet Regulations No 916 of 28 September2010 "Regulations on the Drafting and Executing Documents".