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We are committed on priority basis to respect our clients' interests by offering professional quality services with reasonable speed.

Translation means competent transfer of a source text into another language so that the resulting message remains unchanged.

A good translation reflects completely and precisely the contents of the source text. For example, when translating from Latvian into Lithuanian, the original text can include terms or notions that are clear to any person who is familiar with the Latvian culture while a Lithuanian reader has no clue what it means. Therefore, the translator has to find an analogue term or notion comprehensive to a Lithuanian reader.

Our team consists of professional native translators with lifelong experience as well as foreign freelance translators.

We also collaborate with specialists and experts of the corresponding sphere to ensure the quality of the translated material.

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Translating is our daily business we perform with high quality in possibly short terms.

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Frequently asked questions

Those who face the need for translation services for the first time may have many questions since it is not clear, for example, how the price for translation is calculated or what documents are subject to certification by Notary Public, etc.

We have tried to summarize below answers to the questions most frequently asked by the clients.